Our Approach

We are peace loving american muslims. we respect people of all faiths. we preach peace, we practice peace and we promote peace. we are united in our dedications to human rights.

Our Mission

The Core mission at Woodbridge Faith Center is to promote universal Islamic values of servitude, peace, and compassion. We accomplish this by applying the methods and Sunnah practices of the Noble Prophet Muhammad

Our Vision

To establish an Accredited Islamic School for the growing local Muslim community to compete nationally in excellence and meet the needs of a spiritually disadvantaged upcoming generation.  

Our Story

The Woodbridge Faith (Iman) Center was established by Hazrat Mohammad Mustaq Ahmad in 2013 with the support of local Muslim community. After years of facing dynamic challenges with wisdom and perseverance, the Institution is thriving amidst global economic challenges with the help of Allah (SWT). 

We Facilitate Safe Learning Spaces

Woodbridge Faith (Iman) Center is an Islamic institution located in Woodbridge, VA that serves to deliver essential services required to meet the needs of a growing local Muslim community. 

Woodbridge Faith (Iman) Center inculcates a culture of family-oriented values and is home to a diverse community of Muslims. The values of acceptance, tolerance, and mutual learning support are of integral importance in the social structure of the institution. 

We believe positive learning environments are the key to fostering a culture of trust and respect where positive interaction is the norm. The distinguished instructors at Woodbridge Faith Center provide dynamic educational courses and spiritual programs to serve both youth and adult learners. 

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